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Getting Started with quintly (profiles, groups, dashboards)
Getting Started with quintly (profiles, groups, dashboards)
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Great to have you onboard! Social media analytics does not need to be overwhelming. This step-by-step article is about everything you need to know and do to get started with your quintly account.

To watch our help video on how to get started click here.

Adding social media profiles

Before we start adding social profiles, let’s define what a profile means: A profile is any publicly available social media page on one of the offered social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Business Accounts), LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok).

  1. To add a profile, go to the profile section and click 'New Profile'.

  2. You can search for profiles by pasting the entire URL from a social media network (e.g. and press enter.

  3. You can select which profile you would like to add. You can also filter by Social Networks.

  4. After clicking select you can 'Visit Profile Page' to make sure it's the correct profile you wish to track.

  5. You will also see how many Profiles and Profile Swaps you currently have available.

  6. After double checking, it's the right profile click 'Add Profile'.

  7. You will then have the option to add it to a group, write an appendix and give a custom color.

  8. Click 'Done' if finished or 'Add another Profile'.

Managing groups

The groups feature will allow you to group certain profiles into one folder, to make it easier for you to analyze different profiles in one group. You can find out more about adding groups here.

Setting up a custom dashboard

The final important step is setting up dashboards with your most important metrics. You can find out more about this here.

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