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Building your First Dashboard
Building your First Dashboard
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After adding your first profiles it is time to build your first custom dashboard. A Dashboard is a personalized overview of your most relevant metrics. They are a crucial part of your analytics workflow, since they are not only the basis for reporting, but allow you to deepen your understanding of your competition and provides you a snapshot of the most important KPIs.

Steps to adding a new dashboard

  1. Head to the dashboard section. You can either create a shared dashboard or private dashboard.

  2. Click 'Add Dashboard'.

  3. To create your own dashboard from scratch click 'Create Your Own'. You can learn more about the 'Find a Template' option here.

  4. Enter the dashboard name and click save.

Steps to adding metrics

  1. Find and open the dashboard, you will see an empty canvas.

  2. Click 'Find Your First Metric' or 'Add Metrics'.

  3. You will be sent to the Discover section where you can find all the metrics.

  4. You can search for metrics by Social Network, Use Cases, and Visualization (chart types).

  5. If you want more information about each metric just click to expand it and you will see more detailed information.

  6. When you find the metrics you wish to analyse just click 'Add to Dashboard' and then select the dashboard you wish to see them on.

How to rename or delete a dashboard

  1. Find the dashboard and click 'Edit'

  2. You can easily rename, clone, move the dashboard or delete the dashboard completely.

  3. You can also add a custom logo by clicking on Edit and uploading a logo for a specific dashboard.

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