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Analyzing Profile Groups
Analyzing Profile Groups
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How to create a profile group

To be able to compare social media profiles reasonably, you can group them. You should preferably keep the number of profiles for any analysis to the minimum.

To create a new group, go to the Profiles sections and then click 'Create new group' on the top right. Thereafter choose a name for your new group and click 'Create'. You can add as many profiles as you wish into a single group. However to increase productivity of the tool and get optimum charts it’s recommended to put not more than 10 profiles into a single group.

Please note, when adding new profiles you will also have the option to add the new profile directly into a group.


How to add a profile to a group

When you hover over your profiles you can already see a button appear on the right. Click this and then click 'Assign group'. You can add profiles one by one or you can select multiple profiles checkboxes and add a lump amount to a group.

How to remove a profile from a group

If you want to remove only one Profile from a Group, hover over that profile and click 'Assign group. All you have to do is unselect the checkbox which will remove it from that group, and if you already know which other group you wish to have the profile in just select the checkbox and click 'Update'. You can also 'Add a new group' too!

How to rename or delete a group

Renaming a group is very easy. Click 'Manage Groups'. The subsequent window will have the option to edit or delete the existing group.

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