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Profiles connected with authentication link
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The profiles you find in this list are connected from the authentication link you shared with the admin user of the page. They are not added to your account and are not included in your profile limit.

Managing Facebook and Instagram profiles from the list

If you or the admin of the page would like to remove a profile from the list, the admin who authenticated will need to uncheck the profile in the Facebook permission dialog.

To access the permission dialog, the admin will need to click 'Continue with Facebook' from authentication link.

Select the permissions you already granted for the profile and click 'Continue with Facebook' again. Once you logged into Facebook, you should see the option to 'Edit settings'. Click on 'Edit settings' before you continue. (If you're granting more permissions that before, you may not see 'Edit settings', just click 'Continue'). Facebook will ask which pages you want to use with quintly. Deselect the pages you want to remove and click 'Next'.

The final step will ask 'What is quintly allowed to do?' and show a list of permissions. Make sure the pages you want to remove are not shown under any of the permissions. Click 'Done' when everything looks correct.

When the list of pages is not shown

There may be some cases where your list of pages is not shown and you are not given the chance to deselect pages. In this case, you have the option to remove quintly as a business integration from your Facebook account and disconnect all pages to it. Go to the Business integration section in your Facebook settings where you should see quintly connected. Click 'Remove' to disconnect quintly. It is important to note that ALL of your profiles will lose connection to private stats. Be sure to authenticate the correct profiles again in quintly to ensure no loss of data.

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