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Working with Post Tags
Working with Post Tags
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What is post tagging for?

Post Tagging allows you to tag and gather posts that you would like to analyze as a whole. You can easily create tags, tag posts, develop metrics, and dashboards to provide an in-depth analysis of the campaign you are running. A significant thing to mention is that you are not limited to only your posts (or the accounts you manage). You can also tag competitors posts, and later run competitive analysis on the campaign level.

How do you create a post tag?

On our sidebar menu called "Tags". We have two options here, "Post tags" and "Tag manager". You can create tags from both of those sections. They both serve a slightly different purpose. If you would like to add tags on the go and quickly find posts, then "Post tags" is your place. If you want to have a bit more pragmatic approach or you need to create a lot of tags and be able to manage them, "Tag manager" is where you can do that.

For this example, we will create a tag in the "Post tags" section. Once there, simply select the profile or group whose posts you would like to tag and choose the timeframe. Next, you can either manually tag posts by selecting them and adding the existing tag or create a new tag. Or you can use our additional filters to search the posts that you want to tag. For this example, we can search by hashtags or specific keywords containing exactly all or just any of the keywords found. Once you have filtered down the posts, you can bulk tag them by clicking on the 'Select all' checkbox, then clicking 'Assign Tags' in the sidebar and choosing the tags that you would like to assign.

How to manage and view your tags?

Navigate to the "Tag Manager". This is the best place to have a general overview of your tags and the number of posts tagged. From this section, you can also maintain your tags by archiving and removing them.

How can you analyze your tags?

Post tags are integrated directly within our data sources. Tags are available in custom metrics, our API, and other integrations. Post tags are also available for our automated reports and exports throughout the platform.

In the Quick Analysis or in your Dashboards, you will be able to use the additional filters to select your tags or post text (keywords/hashtags). The additional filters allows you to select ALL or ANY filters meeting specific criteria.

You can also bind single metrics to a specific filter or tag

What default metrics can I use?

You can find the available post tagging default metrics in the discover section by using the 'Campaign Analysis' filter on the left-hand side. Head over to Discover section now.

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