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Private Level Statistics
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It is important to communicate that connecting your pages to private level statistics in our tool does not give us access to any of your login details or privacy settings. By logging into a social network through our tool, you only provide us with an access token that is exclusively made for pulling data. Social media networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have designed this authentication process in a way that ensures maximum protection of your account privacy.

What happens when you connect to private level statistics?

When you click to connect your page to private level statistics you will be asked to log into your social account. Next we verify that you have the specific permissions to view private level statistics on this page you have chosen. For instance on Facebook it could be page analyst, page editor, admin, moderator or advertiser. Once verified we receive an access token from the social network, this is the only thing we store in our system. If you disconnect your page from private level statistics we also remove your access token from our system. To emphasize how secure the social networks are, when you change your account’s password your access tokens become invalid, which requires you to re-authenticate the page in our tool.

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