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Initial Authentication of Twitter profiles
Initial Authentication of Twitter profiles
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Why do I need to authenticate my Twitter account when adding my first Twitter profile?

Our tool will ask you to authenticate with your Twitter account when adding your very first profile of this network. By authenticating you enable us to perform the requests necessary to fetch public data from Twitter for the profiles you would like to monitor. This is also why you can authenticate with any Twitter account, as this is not about accessing specifically the information of the Twitter profile you have authenticated with.

This is how the initial authentication to enable tracking of public data looks like:


In line with this, this very first authentication to enable the tracking of public Twitter data has nothing to do with the authentication for private statistic access. If you want to access private level information of your Twitter profiles, you can do so by activating private stats use cases for these profiles in quintly. You will then be asked to authenticate with the necessary permission scopes for these specific profiles.

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