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Missing data on profiles - targeted/restricted content
Missing data on profiles - targeted/restricted content
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You might notice, that some of the profiles you added don't show any data in quintly. This can be due to several reasons. If any of the social network profiles have been removed, taken down temporarily, migrated or have some kind of targeting/restriction on them, our system won't be able to pull the data into quintly. If you notice, that any of your added profiles are missing data, please contact our support team so they can investigate the reason.

Below we'll explain what type of targeting or restrictions Facebook pages and content might have.

Some Facebook pages are country and/or age restricted. This can be due to multiple reasons: If they offer a country-specific service/product for example, or if their content is related to alcohol, gambling, or other age-restricted topics. On top of this, a specific post can be targeted as well.

Page targeting

Pages can be restricted to one or multiple countries, and can be solely age restricted or country and age restricted. With the page’s URL, our team has the ability to check the targeting specifications.

When a Facebook page has country and/or age restrictions set, the data for these pages is removed from Facebook’s public API. That means in the tool you may experience missing data, or even be unable to add the page to your account in the first place. However, the good news is that in most cases it is still be possible to get the data!

Read Facebook’s guide to page adding and modifying page restrictions here.

Post targeting

A post can have specific targeting totally separate from the targeting of the overall page. Facebook removes targeted posts data from their public API, meaning they will be missing from the public metrics within the tool. However, similar to page level restrictions, we can still get this data in most cases if the targeting is country and/or age based!

You can easily identify if a post is targeted or not by checking the top left corner of the post. A globe signifies a public post while a cog signifies a custom targeted post.


Note: Restrictions will not affect data within any of the Facebook Insights metrics.

The good news is that in most cases, there is a way for us to get this data! Please contact us at if you are experiencing issues related to targeting.

Additional Post Targeting

Facebook also provides the option to do more specific targeting beyond country or age such as language, interests, educational status and more. Unfortunately, there is not yet a way for us to set an access token to retrieve this type of targeted content.

What are access tokens?

Access tokens are a way to tell the Facebook API that we meet the required targeting for a given page. When you follow the steps that Support provides to process your access token, you are creating a way for us to show the proper country that the page is targeted towards.

If your access token expires, you can follow these steps below to renew them:

  1. Log in to Facebook

  2. Log in to quintly

Make sure a message pops up on the screen confirming 'user token saved'.

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