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Changes to Facebook's API - February 6th, 2018
Changes to Facebook's API - February 6th, 2018
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Facebook has decided to make changes to their API for data privacy reasons. These changes don't just affect quintly, but all social media analytics/data tools. From 6th of February, 2018 onwards Facebook will not provide the following data via their API:

Public fans:

Fans by country data will no longer be available in the public metrics. However you can now find Insights Fans by Country World Map and Insights Fans by Country Table metrics in our Discover section.

Fan history will no longer be available, however we will start collecting this data from the day a page was first added to quintly just as we do for other networks (Twitter, Instagram, etc). However if any of your pages are connected to Insights, you'll still be able to access historic fan data for those pages. Interactions data (e.g. posts, interactions) will still be available since the creation time of a page. If a page was previously added by another quintly user we will have historic data available. You can check the data availability dates for each profile in the Profiles section.

Fan count for regional pages will no longer be available. If you are tracking a page that is part of a global Facebook page, you'll see the global fan count only. If a Facebook page is connected to Insights in quintly, you’ll still be able to see the regional fan count as well.

Facebook user data:

User IDs and first and last name of users will no longer be available. The Key Interacting Users metric will be completely removed.

The following metrics are affected by this change:

  • User questions table

  • Fans by country table

  • User post table

  • Comments table

  • Fans by country world map

To read about this directly on Facebook's developer page click here.

To continue tracking regional fan numbers and fans by country data connect your owned pages to Insights:

Go to the Profiles section and find the page you wish to connect to Insights. Hover over the Profile card and simply click on the 3 dots then select Connect to Facebook Insights. Note that Facebook Insights has 2 levels of connection: basic access & basic+inbox access. If you wish to use the Private Conversations Table, be sure to select the basic+inbox access.

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