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Column types in the API documentation
Column types in the API documentation
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Below you can read the description of the column types you'll see when using our API documentation.

INTEGER - Whole numbers likes 0,1,2,3, -1,121, etc. There is no separation.

DECIMAL - Representing any real number such as 10.00, 3.14, -7.98. There is always a separation, such as a dot.

PERCENT - It represents a value between 0 and 1. In some cases, it is multiplied by 100 then it represents a value between 0 and 100.

DATETIME - Represents UTC time, e.g. ‘2017-01-12 12:00:00’

DATE - Represents UTC date, e.g. ‘2017-01-12’

BOOLEAN - This data type represents that the column value can either be true or false. If it’s true it holds “1”, if it’s false it holds “”.

LINK - Web address which references to a web resource (URL)

ENUM - This data type consists of a set of value names. Only one of these elements can be the column value of the column of this data type. One of them has to be set.

STRING - Holds a text (e.g. post message)

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