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Controlling your Profile, Ad Account, Swap and Report Limit
Controlling your Profile, Ad Account, Swap and Report Limit
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What are Profiles and Ad Accounts?

A profile is any publicly available social media page on one of the offered social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok).

An ad account is where you pay for your social media ads. It allows you to group your ads into multiple campaigns and create ad sets. Ad accounts also provide insights on how your campaigns have performed, like reach, spend and engagement. You'll need to be an admin of the ad account in order to access this information.

When you purchase a package there is always an account limit. If you need to upgrade your limits please contact our Support team at

What are Profile Swaps?

A swap is a combination of deleting a page and adding a new one to replace it. This limit regulates how many profiles can be replaced within a 30 day period. It has been designed to ensure fair use of our packages and to avoid bulk data downloading.

The current number of profile swaps is calculated by our system after checking the number of profiles that have been added, calculated on a 30-day rolling period (so it's not exactly "monthly"). For example, If you have reached your profile swap limit today, you will not be able to add further profiles. However tomorrow it may be possible to carry out additional swaps in case your profiles were added more than 30 days prior.

When you add a new profile to your account you will be notified of how many Profiles and Profile Swaps you have available.

Additional information on when further profile swaps will be available can be received from the 'Plan' section. Simply hover over the numbers to find this additional information.

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