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Canceling your account
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How do I cancel my paid package?

If you wish to cancel your paid package, please contact quintly Support 7 days before your new period begins. If we are not notified 7 days in advance your package will automatically renew and no refund will be given.You can do so either via our live chat or email at

We like to keep track of the reasons clients cancel, so providing that feedback in your message would be a great help. Once we have received your cancelation request, we will process it on our end. Your account will remain active until the end of your most recent paid period.

Do I have to cancel my trial account if I don't want to purchase a paid package?

No. As you do not have to make any commitment to purchasing a paid package with us when you sign up for the trial (note we don’t require credit card information to sign up), there is no need to cancel your trial account. After the 2 week trial is over, your account automatically expires. After that, you can always contact us in the future about purchasing a paid package.

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