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Upgrading & Downgrading your Account
Upgrading & Downgrading your Account
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Upgrading your account

To upgrade your account, contact quintly Support. You can do so either via our live chat or email at You can upgrade your number of: profiles, profile swaps, users, reports and spaces. Please note groups and dashboards are unlimited. Once you have agreed to proceed with the upgrade, we will update your account as soon as possible so you can continue analyzing. You may have to logout and log back in order for your account updates to show.

Note: Upgrades take place immediately and the new price will be calculated starting that day.

Downgrading your account

Just like with upgrading, you can contact Support via our live chat or email at to downgrade your account. However, unlike upgrades, downgrades are processed at the end of your recent paid period. So once you have confirmed the downgrade price and account limits, we will set the system to automatically downgrade your account to the new pricing and limits starting your next paid period.

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