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Customizing Profiles
Customizing Profiles
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Accessing customization options

To access the option to customize a given profile, simply go to Profiles > click on the profile you wish to customize > scroll to the bottom of the Profile Details page. You will see a section called Customize Profile.


Adding an appendix to a profile

It can sometimes get confusing when you add several market pages from the same global page to quintly as they often have the same name. Good news is way have a way to address this! If you include an appendix here, this text will be at the end of the profile name. In the example above, we have added the appendix USA to this Adidas Facebook page.


Adding a custom color

You can also specify what color should be used to represent the profile in charts on your dashboards. You can either select a color or use the Hex Color Code. In our example, we have selected this bright purple color to represent the Adidas USA profile.


Highlighting the profile in graphs

If you check the box to highlight the profile in line graphs, that means a more prominent line will be used to represent this profile so it stands out. The name of the profile within the chart's legend will be bolded as well. You can see below how enabling the highlight affects the Adidas USA profile in a line chart.

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