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Adding Widgets to your Dashboard
Adding Widgets to your Dashboard
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What is a widget?

Widgets are resizable windows of chosen metrics and can be mapped individually to a customized dashboard. The widget frame offers relevant icons. Such as - Settings & Context-Sensitive help. It also helps analyze if applicable information about the profile data history, you will receive warning messages if there it is lacking data. There is also a maximize button to view the metric fullscreen. After you have created a customized dashboard you need to add your desired widgets to this dashboard.


Steps to adding widgets

  1. Find and open the dashboard, you will see an empty canvas.

  2. Click 'Find Your First Metric' or 'Add Metrics'.

  3. You will be sent to the Discover section where you can find all the metrics.

  4. You can search for metrics by Social Network, Use Cases, and Visualization (chart types).

  5. If you want more information about each metric just click to expand it and you will see more detailed information.

  6. When you find the metrics you wish to analyse just click 'Add to Dashboard' and then select the dashboard you wish to see them on.

How to customize the widget size

After creating your customized dashboard and adding your first Widgets you can easily customize the size of each Widget. Click the handle in the lower right corner of each widget, and drag it to the desired size.

How to zoom in a widget

This feature is useful if you have chosen a selective time period for the chart you are looking at and would quickly like to check a certain time frame within that period in more detail.

You can simply highlight that part with your cursor and the tool automatically zooms into the chosen section of the graph. With one click you can also reset the zoom and go back to the original view.

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