quintly makes it very easy to create PDF Reports that can be downloaded, emailed adhoc or emailed automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To get a quick overview of this process, have a look at our handy new video here.

If you'd like to read about the steps instead, just follow the instructions below!

Click Create Report on the top right of any dashboard. The Report needs to be activated for it to then be live. Here, you can enter the recipients' emails (one email address per line). By clicking Change you can set up the profiles or groups and the period on which the report will be based.

These settings are independent of the Dashboard selection. This way you can modify your dashboards without affecting the report settings.

You can set up a relative or a specific date that the data in the report should apply for. The frequency of the report can be adjusted (to Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly). If you choose Weekly or Monthly you can select the exact day on which you want to send out your automatic PDF Report. You also have the alternative to add Notes inside the PDF reports, write a detailed explanation and also to show the metric descriptions (All PDFs are in portrait mode).

Did you know? You can add up to 100 recipients to one Automatic Report.

Make sure to save your set up report!

Example Setup of a PDF Report:


Important to note:

  • If a page is not connected to Insights but you are reporting on Insights data the report will fail to be sent.
  • If there are technical issues with a metric, the report will fail to be sent.

If you are experiencing any issues with the reports you set up, please contact our support team.

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