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What are private statistic use cases?
What are private statistic use cases?
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Our 'private statistics use cases' allow you to specify how deeply you intend to analyze your profiles. Each use case represents a set of permissions, which differ across every social network. Our use cases are designed to be easier to understand and offer consistency for our full range of networks.

Currently, Facebook is the only social network to offer more than the basic level of insights, although this may change in the future.

Basic insights - The base level of access to the private data in your account. This is the same data that you can see inside the networks internal analysis tools.

Messages - Gives access to the page’s inbox for customer care analysis on a private message level.

Ad campaigns - Gives access to your Facebook ad accounts, allowing you to get insightful metrics for your promoted content, ads, campaigns, costs and more.

When authenticating your profiles you will be able to see indicators that refer to the technical name of the permissions as they appear in each networks settings. For example, the Facebook permissions required to activate the Messages use case are: Manage Pages, Read Insights, Read Page Mailboxes.

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