Step 1 - Press the ‘New request’ button in the authentications section to get started.


Step 2 - Choose whether you will be completing the authentication by yourself, or if you will need to create a link that you can share externally. You are also given the option to name your request, which can be helpful for identifying it later inside your request list.


Step 3 - Select all of the profiles that you wish to include, you may select profiles across multiple social networks.


Step 4 - Select the private statistics use cases that you aim to fulfill with this request. You can find helpful tips within the info points, showing what each specific use case does and what permissions they require. You can also use the quick select buttons to check all use cases, or only those that they have been previously activated.


Step 5 - Now you able to start authenticating your profiles. This window can be closed and revisited as long as the request remains open, once you have completed as many authentications as you can - remember to press ‘Close request’ to mark it as finished in your request list.


Step 6 - All of your open requests can be accessed directly from the authentications sidebar. Here you can check their status, or continue with the authentication process.

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