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How to authenticate profiles for private statistics
How to authenticate profiles for private statistics

To gain access to private statics, you will need to authenticate your profile by connecting it to the social network. Here’s how you do it.

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Step 1 - In the ‘Authentications’ section, click on ‘+ New authentication’.

Step 2 - Select the profiles you would like to authenticate and click ‘Continue’.

Step 3 - Select the private stat use case you would like to grant for authentication. Each use case requires different permissions, which you can view by clicking on the ‘Info’ icon above the use case. You can click on ‘Quick select all use cases’ if you would like to proceed with all the private stat use cases. Then click ‘Begin authentication’.

Step 4 - Now you can authenticate the profiles by connecting to the social network’s connection page. If you lack the credentials to authenticate the profiles, you may also share this page as an external link with the admin/editor of the page. Facebook and Instagram profiles can be connected with one Facebook account. The other networks require individual connections per profile.

Step 5 - You can access all ‘Open authentications’ in the sidebar. Here you can check the status, or continue with the authentication process.

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